What does acupuncture feel like?
Acupuncture needles are very fine - not much thicker than a human hair. People’s experience of acupuncture varies and can include some mild, but temporary, discomfort or a feeling of a slight electrical impulse. Many people report entering a state of relaxed awareness, and others fall asleep during treatment.
What does a treatment entail?
The first appointment usually lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours. During this time I do a thorough intake on your health (physical and emotional and spiritual) history through questioning, pulse taking (12 distinct pulses on the wrist correspond to the major internal organs in your body), tongue diagnosis (also represents the state of your internal organs as well as your body fluids) and possible palpation (feeling) of any painful areas on your body. And, of course, the acupuncture treatment itself is included in the first session, which will consist of stimulating points along energetic ‘meridians’ with the help of needles, moxibustion (an ancient herb used to congregate or disperse energy), cupping, and/or chinese massage.
Following sessions last about 1 to 1.5 hours.
How many treatments will I need?

It depends on your condition and your response to acupuncture, as well as to the type of meridian implicated. Often considerable benefit is felt after one treatment. After three treatments there is a very clear indication of the effect of treatment. Many acute conditions can resolve in that initial period. After your initial visit, I will give you my assessment and recommendations, and I will work with your scheduling and budget concerns.
How do I know acupuncture is safe?
All licensed acupuncturists are highly trained in avoiding any possible harmful effects of acupuncture. As in any form of acupuncture, disposal sterile single-use needles are used. Strict safety controls are observed in accordance with Federal and OSHA regulations. Acupuncture licensing requires passing a written and practical exam demonstrating expertise on preventing infection and transmission of bloodborne diseases. Licensed acupuncturists have also demonstrated their knowledge of the specific angle and maximum safe insertion depth of each acupuncture point.
Does acupuncture have side effects?

Possible side effects from acupuncture occur infrequently and are generally mild but can include slight bleeding or bruising at a needle insertion site or light-headedness. Supporting techniques, such as cupping and gua sha, can leave temporary red marks on the skin, but I will advise you of this and get your permission before proceeding. Sometimes acupuncture can cause your symptoms to temporarily worsen before significantly improving. This is called a “healing crisis,” and should last no more than two days. If your symptoms worsen and do not improve after two days, please contact me immediately.