what acupuncture treats

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for quite some time and after going through rounds of medical tests, were basically told that IVF would be our best option. A friend suggested acupuncture as an alternative and had heard great things about Belinda, so I decided to give it a shot. I figured I couldn't do any harm with a natural treatment, even though I was a bit apprehensive about the needles. Belinda calmed all my fears instantly with her warm demeanor, and she really took time time to get know me, what we were struggling with and diagnose what could potentially help me out both physically and through my day to day routine in terms of food, rest, stress levels, etc. Low and behold after 2 sessions, I found out I was pregnant! Even better yet, I was pregnant with twins! I'm nearly 8 months into the pregnancy now, and have been seeing Belinda throughout it to help maintain the pregnancy in the first trimester, and then treat all the little aches and pains that come along w/ the later stages, as well as just to give my health a general boost - it really makes such a difference in how I feel! We are so grateful for Belinda and really do attribute this amazing time in our lives to her help. I can't recommend her services enough. She really is a miracle (and in our case a double miracle!) worker!  - Rena

In the New York/New Jersey world, so much of life revolves around "I got a guy" - that housekeeper, doctor, babysitter, dog walker, or what have you - who completely hooks you up and ultimately makes your urban existence that much smoother and better. Belinda Brown is definitely the "I got a guy" of acupuncture. Belinda is intuitive and insightful - she listens to where you are and what issues you need addressed, and designs a personal treatment plan specific to your needs. Then, she treats you with impeccable needling technique (no getting stabbed to death in the name of wellness). And in subsequent visits, she'll augment and build on that initial treatment, instead of just doing the same routine again and again. I'd recommend Belinda to anyone looking for acupuncture suited specifically for them, and a centering and relaxing experience every session, all delivered with intelligent, funky Southern charm. - Clark

She puts me to sleep. No really, in that über awesome, deep, sound sleep kinda way...which hasn't been easy for me, ever, in my whole life. I thought restless, waking-often nights were my curse and Belinda has truly helped changed that! My strong-rooted anger issues are easing, too! (Sweet!) Plus, she's super funny, utterly thorough and checks in on you days after your treatment to see how you're doing. Now do yourself a favor and book and appointment with her. Stat. - Kelly

My husband and I were trying to get pregnant and a friend, and current client of Belinda's, said I should go and see Belinda. We started out by just working on my health and wellness. I had never experienced acupuncture before and Belinda made me feel quite at ease. Once I increased my sessions, I really noticed a difference in the way I was feeling and the next thing I knew I was pregnant! Belinda is an amazing practitioner and everyone should take advantage of her guidance and knowledge. - Sydney

Belinda is a miracle worker! She's treated me for a variety of things, but the one problem she's fixed that truly amazes me is with my knees. For the past few years I've had issues with my knees locking up (beginning stages of osteoarthritis). All of the doctors I've seen put me on Naproxen, which tears up my stomach. Since I've tried everything else, I gave Belinda a try. She fixed my knees in ONE treatment!!! I've had MONTHS with no pain or stiffness, which has been unheard of for me. I was able to get back into the gym and also start doing yoga - previous activities that would cause instant knee problems. She also helped knock out a persistent cold that was not responding to prescriptions. Amazing! Belinda really knows her stuff, really listens and is really concerned about her patients. I am a true believer in acupuncture and Belinda. I can't recommend her highly enough!!! - Amy

I've been a fan of acupuncture for 12 years. Out of all the practitioners I have known in several different cities, Belinda is the one who has delivered the most consistent and immediate results every time. I sometimes joke that I'm addicted to her because I want to go get a treatment for every little thing! I first saw her for 4 different unrelated symptoms, and she improved all of them immediately. Three months later I was still complaint-free from 3 of the symptoms! I'm not sure if the amazing results are attributed to Classical Acupuncture which is different than the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) I had received in the past, or if it's just that Belinda has a knack for knowing what you need...but either way, I'm very pleased. - Mayra

When I arrived at Belinda's office I had not slept in 8 weeks from a cervical disc injury that i felt had taken over my life. I was on numerous medications and my schedule was filled with Dr's visits..massage therapist, chiropractor/sports medicine specialist, orthopedic specialist, spine specialist. I was days away from scheduling a series of epidural injections that i was informed may not even work! Belinda was my last hope and she turned out to be the answer to my prayers!! I noticed a significant improvement from my very FIRST visit! I haven't touched a pain killer since that 1st day :-) and after only a handful of visits I have reached the point where i forget that I have an injury. I am even (cautiously) returning to my exercise routine. Belinda is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and she really cares about her clients' well being...she has graciously opened her doors to me post office hours just to be able to accommodate my schedule and get me feeling better. Belinda is not only helping me with my disc pain, but also with menstrual issues, arthritis, and stress. Her gentle demeanor is so comforting and she creates a relaxing environment that is very calming. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for Belinda's help...I feel blessed to have been referred to her and I recommend her HIGHLY!!!! Look no further folks...for physical or emotional issues, chronic disorders or the common cold, but especially for overall well being...Belinda Batson Brown is IT!!!! - MariaElena

My chiropractor recommended that I seek treatments with Belinda after I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes towards the end of my pregnancy. I had recently moved to the area and thought it would be difficult to find an acupuncturist as wonderful as my former practitioner (and close friend). I got lucky finding Belinda. Her talent and passion for Chinese acupuncture makes it pleasure to seek treatment; but its her generosity of spirit that distinguishes her service even further. Belinda took great care with me during my pregnancy, checked in on me in the days and weeks after my son was born and has been committed to my well-being. I'm truly thankful to have been able to seek treatment to aid with a challenging pregnancy and post-pardum. If you're a season veteran to acupuncture or seeking treatment for the first time I highly recommend Belinda. - Kristen

A friend recommended me to Belinda for my chronic TMJ and upper body tightness. I am amazed at what she can do. First, she is the most caring, genuine person you will ever meet. She takes time to explain where your pain is coming from and how it effects other parts of your body. Her treatment gets to the root of the problem. She spends time with you before each treatment so she knows just what to do. Her knowledge of classical acupuncture is inspiring. I don't just walk out of her office, I float out. She also wants to know how you are feeling days after your treatment. Now, every time I have a physical ailment, I want to get her take on it. She truly helps with your mind body connection.- Monica

A good friend recommended me to Belinda as we are trying to get pregnant after a bit of difficulty and she knew Belinda specialized in that area of fertility and acupuncture. After a couple visits to Belinda, my heart was calm and my mind at peace. And believe it or not, I became pregnant a bit over a month after seeing Belinda. She has also seen me a few times through my first trimester to help me stay at peace and aid my nausea. Belinda has a wonderful bedside matter and is a truly beautiful soul. I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to try an amazing experience that will change your attitude towards healing.I wish I could give Belinda ten stars in my book because she's truly that wonderful! - Courtney

I started going to Belinda after trying to get pregnant for six months with no success. Amazingly, we got pregnant after only a few sessions. Since becoming pregnant, she has helped keep my morning sickness to a minimum. She has a wonderful way of making my anxieties about various pregnancy symptoms disappear (along with the symptoms themselves). I feel comfortable with her in a way I don't feel with my ob/gyn. She is just the nicest person. She follows up after every visit and makes sure the treatment worked (which it always does!). I recommend her highly to anyone seeking help with getting pregnant, overcoming morning sickness, or just wanting to feel better in general. - Joanna

Belinda is amazing. She has helped manage many of my health issues, from a debilitating autoimmune disorder, infertility, anxiety and the common cold. Her manner is calm and soothing. One tends to forget that her needles are the tools of her trade. Thanks so much for helping me through many difficult times Belinda!  - Carla

Incredible Results! After years of dance and gymnastics I suffered chronic Sciatica and hip pain for the last 10 years. Throwing my back out would put me on the couch for weeks at a time. I had a series of treatments from Belinda three years ago and have been completely pain free since. I've been able to go back to yoga and take up running again! She is caring and professional with a genuine passion for healing. -Chelsea

I highly recommend Belinda! I started getting treatments from her to help my anxiety and the chronic tension headaches I was experiencing. I have been going to her for about a year now and I feel a profound improvement in my emotional well being and I rarely getting headaches anymore. Whenever I feel off or out of balance, the first thing I think is that I need a treatment. She is a healer on many levels and her passion and knowledge is so inspiring! - Meghan